CISCO SG 350-28 PORT Managed Switch


  • Support Upto 4096 VLAN
  • Jumbo frames Up to 9K
  • IPv4 Routing Up to 512 static
  • Size 440 x 44.45 x 257mm
  • No Of Port 28
  • LAN Connectivity 10/100/1000 Gigabit Switch
  • Uplink Port 4

CISCO SG 350-28 PORT Managed Switch that offers the best combination of options and Affordability To stay ahead in an exceedingly competitive marketplace, businesses have to be compelled to build each greenback count. meaning obtaining the foremost price from your technology investments, however, it additionally suggests that ensuring that workers have quick, reliable access to the business tools and knowledge they have. each minute associate degree worker waits for associate degree unresponsive application and each minute your network is down has a bearing on your profits. The importance of maintaining a powerful and dependable business network solely grows as your business adds additional workers, applications, and network complexness. When your business wants advanced security and options however price remains a prime thought, you’re prepared for the new generation of Cisco tiny Business managed switches: the Cisco 350 Series (Figure 1).

The CISCO SG 350-28 PORT Managed Switch, a part of the Cisco tiny wares of network solutions, maybe a portfolio of reasonably managed switches that gives a reliable foundation for your business network. These switches deliver the options you wish to boost the provision of your vital business applications, shield your sensitive data, and optimize your network information measure to deliver data and applications additional effectively. straightforward to line up and use, the CISCO SG 350-28 PORT Managed Switch provides the best combination of affordability and capabilities for little businesses and helps you produce additional economical, better-connected personnel. The Cisco 350 Series may be a broad portfolio of fixed-configuration managed local area network switches. Models are accessible with forty-eight ports of quick local area network and ten to twenty-eight ports of Gigabit local area network property, providing optimum flexibility to form precisely the right network foundation for your business. However, in contrast to different tiny business shift solutions that offer managed network capabilities solely within the costliest models, all Cisco 350 Series Switches support the advanced security management capabilities and network options you wish to support business-class knowledge, voice, security, and wireless technologies. At a similar time, these switches ar easy to deploy and piece, permitting you to require advantage of the managed network services your business wants.


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